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NKT Photonics A/S, Birkerød

Every author needs a story and an audience. We have both. Got a pen?

Words and images flow on your screen as a sea of information and engineering jargon crystalize into a clean and simple storyline. Everything falls into place, and you feel the satisfaction of delivering a great story to the right audience, as you upload your latest creation for the world to see.

We have the products. The brand. The strategy. We even have people who know how to sell it. What we need is a Marcom Specialist to lift our content to the next level.

Your background could be marketing, communication, journalism, or natural science more important is your ability to make sense of a convoluted world of technology and put it into words and pictures. Maybe you have tried your hand at BtB marketing before? We also assume that Adobe, iStock and Pantone are familiar.

Our headquarters is in Denmark, and our language is English. Should you also know German, French, Spanish, or Chinese, that wouldnt hurt (but now we are just pushing it). Our products and customers are technical, and our sales team consists of physicists and engineers (oh, and we have lasers in space Not relevant, but we think its really cool and had to fit that in somewhere). In other words, you will have to acquaint yourself with fiber lasers and advanced photonics (if you havent already).

Should you be into lists, here is one with some of your tasks:

  • Marketing material such as datasheets and presentation/flyers
  • Website content (currently Wordpress)
  • Case stories and application descriptions
  • Language and layout in technical documentation such as manuals
  • Mail Newsletters, campaigns, and promotions
  • Content for social media


At NKT Photonics, we aim to make a difference in the World. Commercially and by creating technology and products that benefit Mankind. These are lofty goals for sure, but they drive us to perform above and beyond our peers and they keep us all motivated, when we push forward with the wind in our face.

We employ some of the best minds in our industry, and we would love to have you onboard our marketing team. We are growing fast, so be prepared for change and career opportunities.

Need more info?

Get in touch with our Marketing Director, Kim Hansen at +45 4348 3900 or kph@nktphotonics.com, and if you think, you have what it takes, send your resume to careers-dk@nktphotonics.com no later than March 31th, 2018.

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